Sunday, September 19, 2010

My family and I went to the coast last month. I saw a whale and my family and I saw some tide pools with starfish and sea anemones in them. We also saw my grand parents who were camping at the coast. Before that, we went to the Aquarium and saw some really cool fish and seals. They have a new exhibit called Swamp Land which was really cool, there were all sorts of snakes, frogs, and fish. Here are some pictures I took:
There were a ton of purple and orange starfish on a rock. There were these pools filled with water with sea anemones.
This is a picture of an octopus at the Aquarium:

There is this really cool part of the Aquarium where there are sharks and other cool fish.

This is a picture is from the Swamp Land exhibit and it's of a Python.
Also, one of are chickens has chicks! And our ducks are going to have ducklings.

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